Covid-19 in Northern Cape: a district-level breakdown

(last updated 7 September 2020)

To help people keep track of Covid-19 cases in the districts where they live and work, we have collected as much district level data as we could find.

This post contains the data for Northern Cape and its five districts. It will be updated daily (or as often as we are able to source data). Unallocated cases are not included in the charts below.

Northern Cape reported a total of 11,923 confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of 6 September and 145 Covid-19-related deaths.

The charts below start from 12 May, before that date the stats were not released often enough to be usable.

Confirmed cases, Covid-19-related deaths, recoveries and active cases in Northern Cape

Daily increases in confirmed cases in Northern Cape’s districts

Frances Baard district has the most confirmed cases at 4,725 as of 6 September. 892 of those cases are active. Pixley Ka Seme is the district with the second most confirmed cases at 2,801 with 519 active cases.

Cumulative confirmed cases, active cases, recoveries and Covid-19-related deaths in Northern Cape’s districts

Frances Baard district has by far the most deaths at 100 as of 6 September.

Covid-19-related deaths in Northern Cape’s 5 districts

Data in these charts is compiled from infographics posted on the Twitter account of the Northern Cape Department of Health.