Covid-19 in the Free State – a district level breakdown

(last updated 7 September 2020)

This post contains stats for the Free State and its five districts. It will be updated daily (or as often as we are able to source data). 

The Free State provincial government reported a cumulative total of 39,781 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of 6 September, 785 deaths and 26,598 recoveries, which makes the reported active cases 12,398. The charts below show data for the province’s districts and subdistricts.

Unallocated cases are not included in the district charts below.

Confirmed cases, Covid-19-related deaths, recoveries and active cases in the Free State

Note: Neither the Free State provincial government nor the province’s health department make Covid-19 stats public on a daily basis, so the chart below showing daily increases in confirmed cases has many gaps, which represent the days when no data was published.

Daily increases in confirmed cases in the Free State’s 5 districts

Note: No data on Covid-19-related deaths or recoveries are available. The last time the Free State provincial government reported deaths and recoveries in the districts was 29 June and before that on 2, 11 and 12 June.

Mangaung district has the most confirmed cases at 16,707 as of 6 September, followed by Lejweleputswa with 9,092.

Confirmed cases in each of the Free State’s 5 districts

The two subdistricts with the most cases are Bloemfontein with 13,087 confirmed cases and Matjhabeng with 7,402 cases.

Note: The Free State’s numbers are published in an infographic. From 30 July to 6 August the numbers for the subdistricts of Lejweleputswa district were illegible (see example below), as were some of the numbers for Xhariep district. As a result we were not able to update the stats for Lejweleputswa from 25 July until 8 August.