Covid-19 in the Eastern Cape: a district-level breakdown

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(last updated 7 September 2020)

This post contains the data for the Eastern Cape’s eight districts. It will be updated daily (or as often as we are able to source data). 

The Eastern Cape recorded a total of 86,489 confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of 3 September and 2,956 Covid-19-related deaths.

Unallocated cases are not included in the district charts below.

The Eastern Cape’s Covid-19 stats are not made public on a daily basis, they tend to be released sporadically.

Charts showing daily increases in confirmed cases in the province’s eight districts have many gaps, representing the days when no data was released. The bars in the charts below therefore represent the number of new cases since the last time the data was released.

For example, no data was made public between 30 June and 6 July, so the bar on 6 July is the number of new cases since 30 June.

No district data was made public on 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 23, 24 and 25 July.

Number of new cases in the 8 Eastern Cape districts since the last public data was released

The province’s two metro municipalities have the most confirmed cases: Nelson Mandela Bay has 22,521 cases¬†as of 3 September, and Buffalo City has 20,543 cases.¬†Buffalo City has 140 active cases at the moment, and Nelson Mandela Bay has 416 active cases.

Confirmed cases, Covid-19-related deaths, recoveries and active cases in the 8 subdistricts of the Eastern Cape

Nelson Mandela Bay now has 970 Covid-19-related deaths, the most in the Eastern Cape. Chris Hani district has 284 deaths, OR Tambo district has 379 deaths, Buffalo City has reported 675 deaths.

Covid-19-related deaths in the Eastern Cape’s 8 districts

Active cases per 100,000 people

The national government is using a district-level alert system based on the number of active Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people. Coronavirus hotspots are considered to be districts that have more than 5 active cases per 100,000.

The district with the most active cases per 100,000 people in the Eastern Cape as of the week ending 25 July is Buffalo City with 523.

Buffalo City523
Nelson Mandela Bay335
Sarah Baartman269
Chris Hani165
OR Tambo148
Joe Gqabi147
Alfred Nzo116
Number of active cases per 100,000 population (7-day average as of 25 July)

Change in active cases (7-day average)

This data is compiled by Gemma Gatticchi and Laura Grant, from information published by the Eastern Cape Department of Health on its Facebook page